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Watch and Learn: How I Trained My Cat To Fetch

Includes Featured Cat Fetch Toys

Teaching your cat to fetch is a great way to keep them entertained and active. Learn how easy it is to train your cat with this video from Cat School, include cat training toys!

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I often get asked, “How can I train my cat to fetch?” This video shows you all the steps I used to teach my cat to fetch. It wasn’t easy (not recommended for beginners!), but my cat, Jones, is always up for a challenging assignment.

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▶ Meet Your Teachers: I’m Julie Posluns. My goal is to help people enrich their cat’s life with clicker training. I am an Associate Certified Applied Animal Behaviourist (ACAAB). I love to break complex behaviours into tiny achievable steps and show cat lovers how fun and rewarding it is to train their cats. My assistant teacher in the video is a black cat named Jones.

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  1. My kitten Oreo started bringing me the toy mouse in his mouth automatically and dropping it by my side. I’d throw it and he repeats the process. He now drops it in my hand and taps me if I don’t throw it immediately. This has all been subconsciously I think as I have never trained him with anything it’s all been a natural progression.. I have never given treats…

  2. what do i do if my cat is too focused on the treat? like if there’s no treat she won’t go for the paper, she needs to know there’s a treat present or she’s disinterested unless i through it or something (she’ll chase anything that’s thrown, which is why fetch is my top thing i want us to be able to do). how do u move forward from there?

  3. Personally, my absolute FAVE moment is when I see a cat I am 'training' stop, sit, think a moment, then give that "I'm done with this" look and walks away, usually followed by ME saying, "Okay, buddy… later!", followed by some sort of acknowledgment "Meow" back over the shoulder.

    I truly feel sorry for people who just do not GET the intelligence of cats.

  4. we have a pretty big garden and often throw with rocks or toys and she'll run after it, she won't pickit up though, only lay next to it and wait till i come to throw it again. Mostly when we're sleeping she often brings toys throughout the whole house, she likes walking around with stuff in her mouth. That's why i think learning her to play fetch is very possible, the only problem is that she isn't a big fan of snacks, she get's wet food in the morning and evening and some snacks throughout the day but would never eat that, we tried multiple snacks or other hard food but she simple isn't a fan of that. I tried to follow this video but she won't eat the snacks, just walking away from it. I just remembered that she is a fan of ham tho, so i could try to use that but i don't want to give her much ham. Is there anything else i can try when a cat isn't a fan of food… She is 8 months old btw.

  5. My cat Luna(female tuxedo) loves to throw the ball down the stairs and retrieves it and repeats over and over, I believe it would be easy to teach her fetch as she already grasps the concept of fetch just need to include me in the game. Thought I would give your technique a shot, let you know if it works with the clicker/treat process.

  6. my cat will go after the toy if i throw it and he especially likes going after plastic eggs but he never really brings it back, he'll just walk off with the toy and play by himself. i've even seen him put his toys in boxes and plays with them so he doesn't have to run after them so he might not even want to go running back and forth playing fetch lol

  7. My cat plays fetch with my hair ties every single day, I never taught her anything she just started picking them up and dropping them on my bed and looking at me so I would throw it then she would bring it back and I hit the road again and so on and so forth. She does it so often sometimes my arm gets tired lol. My cat is a tortoiseshell and her name is Chanel and she is my love bug

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